Monday, March 26, 2012

All is well

Sitting here at one of my favorite coffee shops, 1515 Broadway, down in the D, nurturing a wonderful americano (thanks Danny!) and reflecting on all that has happened thus far. 2 months in, and I really have to say, it's a fantastic journey and all is well. Seems like we are meeting all the right people, making all the right connections, learning and relearning so much. And if it's been this much fun in just the first 2 months, I cannot imagine what the future holds. I know, I know, you're saying "yeah, just wait til you're open and working ALL day every day". Well, to that I say, "I can't wait". I'll take 80 hours (and more) each week at the shop over 40 what I'm doing now any day. I mean, I already have "relearned" more about coffee and "the business" in the past couple of months than everything I know about my current industry, and I've been there a solid 10 years. Opening the shop is not something I need to do, I mean, I'm not losing my current job and there is no great urgency to switch careers... I have all the time in the world to open the shop. But, as I think of what I just said, this IS something I need to do. The end of getting in the car each morning and driving to the job where my main focus is getting through the day to get back in the car and go home is on the horizon. Ah yes, with just that in my noggin, how can all not be well? The dream is alive and growing and with each day, each thing I read, every person I meet, I find another reason to take the next step. Yes, truly, all is well....

*And as if I needed another reason, about halfway through this post, I went up to the counter to get another americano, and Danny said it was on him. Thanks again.. Next time you're down around Broadway and John R, stop in to 1515. You'll get a great java and conversation...

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  1. Nice to meet you Jason, glad to see you're part of the Facebook Group. Let me know if I can help out in any way. I have 14+ years full time in the coffee industry and 20+ years involved in some way. I do graphics and web design too :-)

    Cheers, Chase.